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What are Parent Aide, Mentoring & Service Delivery Coordination Services?

Both Parent Aide & SDCR services are community based programs designed to create a partnership with families in their home environment & community.  Together, during regular visits, they work towards each families goals through education, modeling and coaching.  Both PRAD and SDCR provide services on a referral basis to parents and children in both in-home and out-of-home placements.  Parent Aide's and Service Delivery Coordinator's help parents learn to build their confidence, self-esteem and coping skills. Many parents benefit by understanding the developmental needs of their children, while learning how to manage their home environment more effectively. Parent Aides also teach parents how to make social contacts and to use community resources. 

The main difference between Parent Aide Services (PRAD) and Service Delivery Coordinator (SDCR) is noted in the following:

SDCR services  are able to include:

*     Providing transportation to and from scheduled visits and other appointments 

*     Providing supervision for authorized supervised/therapeutic visits with parents and/or siblings.

*     Improving parenting skills by serving as a role model and demonstrating appropriate parent/child interactions during supervised visits.

*     Providing an environment where families are able to maintain contact and strengthen their bonds.

Goals of PRAD & SDCR Services:

*     To improve and strengthen parenting skills

*     To gain an understanding of the developmental stages of children

*     To assist in preventing and stopping abusive and neglectful behavior towards children

*     To assist families in finding available community resources

*     To assist in stabilizing the home during or following periods of crisis

*     To improve family communication

*     To work towards self sufficiency

*     Problem solving and coping with stress and life challenges

*     To improve home safety

*     To develop appropriate natural support systems

*     To maximize the opportunity for children to remain in their homes 

    Mentoring (MENT) 

    Mentors provide support and promote healthy, effective functioning in all important life areas of life. They encourage personal and interpersonal well-being, including guidance in physical & emotional well-being; social & interpersonal functioning; and educational & vocational functioning.