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Counseling Services

Individual counseling 

We all experience problems.  Some problems simply pass with time; others require more creative problem-solving.  Some can be resolved by consulting with family, friends, or other resources. Sometimes problems persist in spite of all attempts to resolve them; sometimes they are just too numerous, too acute, and too big to manage without additional support. At these times counseling can provide assistance in finding resolution.  Individual counseling might be particularly useful for:

  • life changes
  • isolation and loneliness
  • anger issues
  • depression & anxiety
  • substance abuse
  • eating or other disorders
  • grief and loss
  • ethnic and cultural background differences
  • sexual identity differences

Family counseling

All families have conflict.  It's the nature of people living in close proximity. But when normal conflicts turn into daily shouting matches, family members begin hurting each other emotionally (and sometimes physically) and a feeling of anger permeates the household. When this happens, it's time to do something about it. Blended families in which one or both parents bring to the marriage children from previous relationships present their own unique dynamics. Sometimes the conflict is caused by the inappropriate or unacceptable behavior of one or more members of the family. But it affects everyone. While we work with those individuals to try to help them with the cause of their actions, we also work with the entire family so they can provide support for that person and for each other, and to learn how to reduce the conflict.

Families can be thought of as a system of interacting parts. We learn how to think, feel and behave from the families we grew up in. When these beliefs are not challenged and/or changed, we pass on that legacy to our children and their families.  Relationship or family counseling may be particularly useful for:

  • Problems developing in one or more family members which affect all (i.e.: children's problems, anger, depression in one partner etc.)
  • Family or relationship changes such as divorce, or children leaving home
  • Cultural and ethnic conflict within relationships
  • Sexual or cultural differences between the family and the larger community
  • Finding the satisfaction you seek in relationships

Marriage/Couples counseling

Couples therapy focuses on problems existing in the relationship between two people. But, these relationship problems always involve individual symptoms and problems, as well as, the relationship conflicts. Couples therapy involves learning how to communicate more effectively, and how to listen more closely. Couples must learn how to avoid competing with each other, and need to identify common life goals and how to share responsibilities within their relationship. Marriage/Couples counseling provides an arena where two people can learn to communicate individual needs and negotiate a healthy partnership.

Therapeutic Visitation 

This intervention is utilized when 1) regular supervised visitation has failed, 2) there has been a major violation of trust by the parent to the child (I.e. substantiated allegations of abuse or neglect), 3) or when there has been no contact between the parent and child for a substantial period of time. 

The goals of therapeutic visitation include 1) providing a protected visitation and therapeutic intervention between children and parents so that the child benefits as much as possible during the contact, 2) assisting children and families in maintaining or reestablishing relationships that are healthy and safe for the child, 3) assisting children in the transition to different family structures while providing for the safety of the child, 4) to provide supplemental information for treatment planning and visitation to treatment professionals, and 5) to actively engage in assisting the parents and children to reengage in relationships. 
The therapeutic visitation is followed by at least one hour every week 1:1 with the parent to process the visitation, and/or prepare for the next visitation.  This typically addresses personal struggles with the parents, implementation of parenting skills via role-playing, teaching, and processing child behaviors, psycho-education on child diagnosis, etc

Treatment groups

Groups led by licensed therapists provide you with an opportunity to openly discuss your problems in a supportive environment.  The group setting enables you to learn from the experiences of others.  See for current list of treatment groups offered by CFR clinicians. 



Our office is located in Chesterfield Village and on the bus route.  We strive to provide a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for you to discreetly explore problems going on in your life.  If transportation is an issue, many of our services can be provided in your home. 


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