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Nurturing Parent Program

An Overview

The Nurturing Parent Program is designed to "treat" families identified by Children's Division Agencies for child abuse and neglect.  At this level of prevention, families are in need of structured, long-term, family-based programs and services to replace old, existing hurting patterns of parenting with newer, nurturing parenting patterns. 

The process of re-parenting can best be accomplished with proven programs over time.  Nurturing Parenting Programs listed are evidence-based and proven to be effective with this population to help treat and prevent the recurrence of child maltreatment. 

This is a 15-session group-based program.  Parents and children increase their empathy, learn nurturing ways to encourage appropriate behaviors, build self-concept and self-esteem, and learn to have fun as a family.  This program was validated twice in each of six sites around the country with families identified as abusive and neglecting.

A nurturing parent-child relationship helps produce healthy, responsible, self-sustaining adults.  Families who have nurturing parent-child relationships are less likely to be affected with substance abuse, depression, and violence.  They are more likely to be productive, creative, cooperative, and feel good about themselves and others.

The philosophy of Nurturing Parenting emphasizes the importance of raising children in a warm, trusting, and caring household.  It helps children develop the capacity to trust, care and respect themselves, others, and the environment.

Skills Addressed

To compete with the negative impact of inappropriate parenting, the following objectives form the basis of the programs' activities:

  • Develop positive self-concept and self-esteem in all family members.
  • Build an empathic awareness of the needs of others.
  • Teach alternatives to hitting and yelling.
  • Increase family members' awareness of their own and each other's needs, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Increase family members' awareness of the developmental needs of other family members.

Evidence-Based Practice

The Nurturing Parent Program is recognized nationally by the National Registry of Effective Programs and by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).  It is also recognized by the Child Welfare League of America, the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency and the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention. 

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