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Child, Teen & Adolescent Groups Starting Soon!!!!!

Controlling your Troll:  Social Skills & Anger Management

Emily Marshall, MS, LPC, NCC

Ages 5-16.  The Social Skills Training Group offers focused behavioral teaching of age-appropriate social skills & anger management for children, adolescents, & teens who have difficulties in social interaction. The purpose of this group is to teach specific social skills that will improve children’s ability to act positively and effectively in school, at home, and with peers. After learning specific social skills, children practice the skills in a safe, accepting atmosphere.

$30/group  6 hours Your Troll.doc



The Onion Club

Kate Schwendinger, MSW, LMSW

Girls ages 5-17.  For female children & adolescents who are victims of abuse.  Children will learn the effects of abuse, posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms, and “trigger” responses that occur as a result of abuse; realize that they are not responsible for the abuse, and know appropriate future actions to avoid predators.  They will be able to approach the abuse memories in a safe, supportive environment, and participate in activities designed to encourage healing and positive resolution of the abuse experience. Finally, children will develop strategies to deal with future trigger responses, and experience an increased sense of self-esteem and self-efficacy as a result of practicing positive coping skills. Please call for more information.  $30/group 6-weeks Abuse Recovery.doc



Self-Esteem Group

Deborah Toler, MS, LPC

Girls Ages 10 and 12.  Because kids can be mean, especially to themselves.  In today's society, children, especially girls, are bombarded with the message that they are not pretty enough, smart enough, or good enough.  Struggling with self-esteem can become a life-long issue when left untreated.  This group is designed to help girls connect with other girls their age and to feel more confident in all areas of life.  $30/group



Children of Divorce

Emily Marshall, MS, LPC, NCC

Ages 5-16.  In a small group setting, children begin to accept the fact that their parents' divorce is not their fault.  They learn that they are not alone, and begin to build their self-esteem.  Art therapy, role-playing, and verbalization of feelings are all used to help children cope with the disruption of their family life.  $30/group  12 Hours




For more information or to sign you or your child up for a group, please call


(417) 862-CARE


Medicaid and insurance accepted for children.  Sliding Scale available for those who qualify.  Space is limited so call today.  Groups will begin when all participants are enrolled.